Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Street Views

See your properties in any type of perspective you'd like - by plugging into the latest Google Maps API we're able to let you place yourself in any available street.

Property Clustering

Sometimes you might have a fair few properties listed in close proximity, or even the same street. We can cluster results together, offering them all to the user in one go.

Local Area Info

The users choice in picking a location can often depend on the local area and its services. We've collated some key services into the Mappr database to discover your locality.

Property Details

Mappr can retrieve and display summations of Property Details too. This allows a user to instantly start reading about a property they've selected.


Using the new Geolocation function of modern browsers, we can center the map on a user's current location to see the surrounding properties you provide.

What we're about

Primarily for the use of our estate agent clients, mappr is used to show property search results on a map. Using feed data, we are able to display the properties on a map (tailored to the user's specified criteria) as well as show the relevant sales/letting information within the same interface.

This makes the user-journey more intuitive than sifting through standard results listing pages as well as offering the user all relevant information regarding proximity to local services, schools and railway stations. The mappr service can be applied to existing online solutions as well as a standalone applications.

Who are we useful for?

  • Estate Agents
  • Lettings Agents
  • House Builders
  • Property Developers
  • Asset management tools
  • Companies with multiple branches
  • Other online search-based tools that match any location

Interested? Get in touch

The mappr service is provided by Kaweb, a web development company based near Birmingham in the West Midlands.

We can provide this service as part of a website developed and designed by us, or as a standalone plugin we can insert into your existing property solution.

Please call us on 01543 414564 or fill out the form on the left to let us know.